Student Progression

Beginners (Age 3/4)

Imaginative themes form the basis of each lesson ranging from "A day at the Seaside" to "The Enchanted Castle". Accompanying music is carefully selected for its rhythmical quality in assisting dance moves and mime. Children are encouraged to participate fully and enthusiastically to develop muscle tone, co-ordination, balance, musicality, confidence and a joy of dance.

Pre-Primary in Dance (Age 4/5)

Imaginative themes are still used but the class is more structured and focuses on improving some of the physical skills introduced in Beginners.

Primary in Dance (Age 6/7)

The children work towards their first Royal Academy of Dance exam with structured exercises and dances aimed at developing good posture, co-ordination, control, expression, musicality, spatial awareness and confidence. They are assessed by an external examiner and awarded either bronze, silver or gold medal. Children and parents are encouraged to see the exams as a positive, confidence building exercise and within our school I am pleased to say that pupils have always enjoyed their exam experiences.

Grades 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (Age 7 and above)

Within the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus a systematic and structured approach to Classical Ballet Technique, Contemporary Dance, and Character Dance is undertaken with an examination at each level. All the Grades have recently been updated by the Royal Academy of Dance resulting in the development of dancers who can move with grace, athleticism and dynamic performance skills. Pupils are delighted by the new syllabus.

Grade 6-8 Ballet

The higher grades will give senior students the opportunity to study for the highest grades in the RAD as well as earning UCAS points. The students continue to learn classical ballet and character and are introduced to a free movement section which has a more contemporary feel.


Vocational Grades (Age 11 and above)

In Intermediate Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced Foundation grades Classical Ballet technique is studied in more depth with the introduction of pointe work. Success in these exams is necessary for those who wish to undertake professional training and the exams also carry UCAS points which count towards university applications.

Adult Ballet

These classes are available at our sister branch LWAD please contact to find your nearest venue. We have 3 levels to suit all abilities 


Every two years Pointe the Way Ballet School presents a Summer Showcase at Solihull Arts Complex. All children in Pre-primary  and above are included in the show (pre school students not usually included). Each class performs at least one dance in the first half of the show and then potentially a second in the second half. A brand new costume is provided by the school which must be purchased by parents and which the children keep after the final performance. A professional DVD of the show is produced which may be purchased by parents. These have proved extremely popular with parents and children alike as it is a wonderful record of each child's progress and development throughout their time in the school.

Our next Summer Showcase will take place in 2022 with a matinee and evening performance.

Overseas Tours

Overseas in Marburg, Germany...

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